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The carbon fibre has been listed into New Material Industry “12th Five-Year” Development Planning

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  The carbon fibre has been listed into the major projects of New Material Industry “12th Five-Year” Development Planning. Chinese carbon fibre industry is still at an early stage. To list the carbon fibre into the major projects, it is conducive to motivate the enthusiasm of government and enterprise investment and to accelerate industrial development. If the intended target can be attained completely, Chinese carbon fibre industry will take off. 

  Strong application potential

  The target of the carbon fibre project is that, by the end of 2015, the production capacity of the carbon fibre reaches 12,000 tons, which fundamentally meets the demands in aerospace, wind power generation, transport equipment, etc. Except for military industry, currently domestic carbon fibre is mainly applied to thermal field insulation, brake pad, sports and leisure, building, etc. Future carbon fibre application focuses on wind power blade, high-voltage transmission cable core and automobile.
  According to the introduction, key positions of more-than-55m wind power blade must use carbon fibre composites, especially for high-power offshore wind powers, a set of blades must need carbon fibre composites from a few hundred to 1200 kilograms.

  In the high-voltage transmission, the carbon fibre is mainly applied to produce cable core of carbon fibre composites, which can effectively reduce current loss caused by eddy of sagging wire, and reduce the power’s density and intensity. Currently, tens-of-thousands-of-kilometer power network test showed very good effect. The use amount of the carbon fibre is about 70kg/km carbon fibre. It is reported that China increases 1,000,000km electric transmission line and about 200,000 km reconstructed aging wire in the future, which tend to increase continuously. 

  In automobile, the automobile industry is facing severe challenges in resources and environment; to promote lightweight of automobile for the purpose of reducing fuel consumption, it is the theme of automobile industry development, and the carbon fibre composites are ideal materials to replace the steel.    

  Equipment breakthrough is imperative

  Because unqualified technology, China’s many carbon fibre devices are “out of order”. The preparation process of the carbon fibre includes multiple working procedures such as polymerization, spinning, pre-oxidation, carbonization, surface treatment, etc.. If any one of processing technology, device development or supporting materials falls behind development and process of industrialization, it will influence the carbon fibre industry. 

  At present, a minority of enterprises can realize the whole process of localization, but quality remains to be investigated. The key devices of a majority of carbon fibre equipment depend on import. If the key devices like pre-oxidation furnace, carbide furnace, etc. depend on import, they confront with “embargo” risk at any time. Compared with import equipment, home equipment has a gap in the accuracy control of temperature, tension, etc. So, it is necessary to list these into R&D contents in the carbon fibre project. 

  Besides, it is necessary to develop key raw materials for carbon fibre preparation such as oiling agent, sizing agent, etc., which are at development stage, and fail to meet production demands.

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