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It is reported that new wood-based composite maybe will replace BPA.

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  According to American media report, in the near future, a kind of safer, greener new wood-based composite maybe will replace petroleum-based BPA, even its application in the plastic sector.

  On the seminar of American Chemistry Society (ACS), the scientists discussed research status and development prospect of new wood-based materials.

“BPA is a major raw material of producing PC (polycarbonate). To add BPA in the manufacturing process, the plastic products are colorless, transparent, durable, light, anti-impact, etc. Statistically, Approximately 3.5 million tons of BPA are produced annually worldwide. However, BPA is one of the most controversial plastics. Researches show that BPA is harmful to human health”, said Kaleigh Reno, a graduate student who presented the report.

To find a safer, more environmentally-friendly alternative, Kaleigh Reno and her advisor, Richard Wool, Ph.D., turned to lignin. Compared with traditional hydrocarbons, lignin is a kind of complex and fast-changing hydrocarbon, containing aromatic ring.

Reno has developed a process that instead converts lignin fragments into a compound called bisguaiacol-F (BGF), which has a similar shape and internal structure to BPA. Reno and Wool agreed that BGF is a BPA alternative they have been looking for.

“We expect to show that BGF has BPA-like properties within a year,” said Wool. 

Meanwhile, Reno expressed that BGF could be ready for the market two to five years later.

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